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Chad Ochocinco Brags About Gym Fanny Pack, Here's What's Inside!

Posted June 18, 2018 under Sports

Chad Ochocinco

Brags About Gym Fanny Pack

… Wanna Know What’s Inside?!

6/18/2018 11:02 AM PDT

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Chad Ochocinco isn’t embarrassed by his gym fanny pack — HE’S PROUD — and he’s even revealing what secret treasures he rocks around his hips. 

News flash … Chad’s a bodybuilder now — he’s been dead serious about bulking up and he’s even teased about possibly entering a real competition this year. (Is he serious? Who knows?) 

He’s even dressing the part these days … hence the fanny pack. 

“You ain’t never seen a n***a in the gym with a fanny pack. That’s how you know I’m with the sh*ts,” Ochocinco said.

So, what’s inside? Mostly the typical stuff … but there’s one secret item he keeps with him at all times in case he finds romance in the heavy weights section. 

Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. 

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