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'Fuller House' Star Elias Harger Pockets More Than $10k An Episode

Posted September 24, 2017 under TV

‘Fuller House’ Star Elias Harger

$10k & Up An Episode!

Where Do I Sign?

9/24/2017 12:10 AM PDT


“Fuller House” star Elias Harger might only be 9 but little dude’s already inking his contracts with his 4th grade cursive and John Hancock.

Elias plays DJ’s — aka Candace Cameron — son on the rebooted series. He earned $10k an episode for the first season, a little more than his on-screen younger brothers. Not bad for a 9-year-old.

Elias was in all 26 episodes from the first two seasons and got a $400 raise per episode for season 2 … so, yeah, the kid’s got college tuition covered. 

As for season three, Elias is going to be making $10,816 an episode! No wonder the kiddo’s got his signature down pat.

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