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L.A. Rams Coach: Yeah, Jared Goff's Killing It

Posted October 23, 2017 under Sports

L.A. Rams Coach

Yeah, Jared Goff’s Killing It

10/23/2017 4:28 PM PDT


The Rams have returned to L.A. after stomping the Cardinals in London … and as you’d expect, head coach Sean McVay was in a GREAT mood! 

WARNING: Our photog was SUPER excited (big Rams fan) and fanboy’d out a little too hard when talking with Jared Goff

But he settled down by the time McVay came by — and talked to the 31-year-old head coach about how the Rams (and Goff) are taking the league by storm. 

McVay couldn’t have been nicer — and even humored our photog when he was babbling on about Janet Jackson

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